Book launch social media design packages

Pick and mix any of these:

  • Twitter banner
  • Facebook banner
  • LinkedIn banner
  • Instagram post
  • LinkedIn post
  • Twitter post
  • Facebook post
  • 5 second animation gif (silent)

And add any of the following content:

  • price of book
  • blog tour dates
  • happy launch day
  • happy publication day
  • quotes
  • reviews
  • 3D book mockup of kindle, iPad or paperback or all 3
  • pre-launch countdown of days
  • any other information not launch related, eg deals, sale prices, award sticker, bestseller medallion, reviews, available from, Christmas, summer sale, greeting card, wishing all our customers, celebrating first year anniversary etc.

7 unique social media shareables: USD 75.00.

5 unique social media shareables: USD 55.00.

“Unique” means each item you order will be slightly different in design but in keeping with your theme and branding, so that you will be able to vary your posts and re-post at any time, over and over, and you will get your money’s worth from that design. For example, if you ordered 3 posts all with blog tour dates and mockups, you will be receiving 3 varied designs all with blog tour dates and mockups. We pride ourselves in providing a creative, professional and full service.

Producing design content and graphics is not a quick task when you will already have enough on your plate before, during and after launch. Put your feet up, celebrate your big day with a bubbly and let us help you ease the pressure by producing your promo graphics for you.