Lime Pickled and Other Stories by Marc de Faoite

Announcing the imminent arrival of our new baby, Lime Pickled and Other Stories by Marc de Faoite. Leopard Print is proud to have a unique East-West author on board. We first published Marc’s short story Banu in Asian Anthology New Writing Vol. 1.

Equally nostalgic yet nightmarish, Lime Pickled is a short story collection set in a fictional Malaysia on the murky themes of exploitation, ecological damage, poverty, abuse and loss. 

Nefarious characters and the oppressed interact in modern Asia’s richly-textured familiar and amoral setting. At once dark and surreal yet heartwarming, this collection was written during the author’s 15-year stint in Malaysia and hits hard in many ways. Marc de Faoite’s gritty and satirical storytelling hints at traditional folklore with a brush of Zola’s detached naturalism.  The initial primal shock cuts deep but these controversial and revealing stories of human longing and hope will stay with you for a long time.

Lime Pickled will be out worldwide on 31 January 2023 in digital and print format.



“Marc de Faoite writes with an ear attuned to the rhythm and pains of a Malaysia I recognise. Light-hearted and brutal by turns, these stories are richly populated by unseen lives, transgressors, and those who pay the price. A collection with an unmistakable heart.” – Shih-Li Kow

A marvellous, dizzyingly varied collection, full of surprises. From Surrealism and experimental world play to grim hyperrealism, from heartbreak to humour: you’ll find it all in these pages. I could tell you that this book is for fans of Borges, or Lydia Davis, or Ali Smith, or Saki, but the truth is, I don’t know where to begin or end. This is a book for everybody who reads, everybody who thinks, everybody who feels.” – Preeta Samarasan, author of Evening Is the Whole Day and Tale of the Dreamer’s Son

Atmospheric, lyrical, yet ferocious, these Malaysian stories in Lime Pickled will force you to see men and women essential to society who are most often rendered invisible. You’ll bristle at the harsh, brutal injustice. You’ll hope for redemption, but in de Faoite’s searing tales, as in life, you’ll only find rare glimpses of it.” – Damyanti Biswas, author of The Blue Bar

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