Asian Anthology: New Writing Vol. 1 Leopard signs 22 new authors in ’22

Asian Anthology: New Writing Vol. 1 is hopefully called Volume 1 for a reason: that it will be the first of many anthologies and not just Asian-themed. Leopard Print’s objective is to hear international new voices, and to give them a chance to be published in London.

Writers of any nationality or gender were eligible to submit, in keeping with Leopard Print’s inclusion and diversity policy. The 22 authors signed came from Malaysia, Singapore, India, Myanmar, Hong Kong, Serbia, Austria, France, United Kingdom and United States of America. The only criterion was that the writing had to be set in Asia. However we received submissions from even more countries: Ghana, Pakistan, New Zealand, Japan, UAE, Dominican Republic, Germany, China, Australia, Indonesia and the Philippines. This book will be our first publication of the year and will comprise stories and creative non-fiction. 

We are delighted to announce that these authors, listed in alphabetical order, will be published in Asian Anthology: New Writing Vol. 1. Congratulations to all.

Rumaizah Abu Bakar
Patrick Burns
Cheung Louie
E.P. Chiew 
Mason Croft 
MK Eidson
Marc de Faoite
Jenny Hor
Nenad Jovancic
Lynett Khoh 
Doc Krinberg 
V.S. Lai
Ewan Lawrie
Winston Lim
Y.K. Lim
Yvonne Lyon 

Sandeep Kumar Mishra
Ivy Ngeow
Krishnaveni Panikker
Sylvia Petter
Shafiqah Alliah Razman

Yang Ming
San Lin Tun

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